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Daily Appetiser 30 Mins Card


Affordable appetiser packages that you can use throughout the day are at your service.

Prepaid individual customers can benefit from the Appetiser packages.

You may use the package you requested after you text CEREZ 2 to 4455 for the 30 minutes Appetiser Package.

You may call all local operators and operators in Turkey for 30 minutes with the Daily Appetiser Package.

The query texts are free of charge.

After you send an application SMS to 4455 to receive your chosen package, the benefits will be available once you receive the notification SMS.

Yes. You are notified with a text message when you use approximately 80% of the benefits offered and also when you completely run out of the benefits.

For the 30 minutes Appetiser card, dial *123*125#YES to receive a notification about your remaining balance and the validity period of your package.

No. The benefits offered as part of the special offer are valid for 1 day (24 hours). The unused benefits will not be transfer to the next day.

No. There is no limit to the number of customers who may benefit from the special offer.

You may cancel the 30 minutes Appetiser Package you requested after you text IPTAL 2 to 4455.
After you make a cancellation request, you may use your package until the package end date but your package will not be renewed in the next day.

Benefit charges apply every 60 seconds.

Yes. Even if you already have an active package, you can purchase another appetiser package.

There are no limits. You can purchase as many packages as you like within 1 month.

When you run out of the benefits credited into your account, you will be charged according to the Standard package.

Yes. The benefits can be used only in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

No. The benefits may not be transferred to another account.

Start Date: 28.06.2016
End Date: 30.06.2022

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