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You can easily make your bill payments for Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell and Turkcell Home Internet with Paycell and complete your transactions in seconds.

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Money transfer is now very easy!

With Paycell, you can instantly send money and receive money transfers to your loved ones, regardless of the day or time, as if you were sending a message to their mobile number.

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At contracted sales points, you can make fast and contactless payments by scanning the Paycell QR code on POS device.

Children can spend their money with Paycell QR!

Whether at school or outside at contracted points, your children can make their expenses contactless and safely with the Paycell QR feature of Paycell Wallet.

Call 0533 878 10 18 now to make your registration and catch the rhythm of life with Paycell QR, exclusive to Turkcell North Cyprus users.

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Where can I make payments with Paycell QR?

With Paycell QR, you can make your payments contactlessly and securely in Markets, Pharmacies, Restaurants and Boutiques where KoopBank POS devices are located.

Who can use Paycell?

Everyone, regardless of carrier, can be a Paycell user. Anyone can use it whether they are a North Cyprus Turkcell customer or not.

How do I register to Paycell?

You register to Paycell by entering your mobile number, e-mail address and ID number.

On which platforms can I use the Paycell application?

You can use it on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

I entered my email address incorrectly, how do I update it?

If you want to change your e-mail address after completing the Paycell registration process, you can contact our customer service.

I forgot my Paycell password, how do I set a new password?

By pressing the "Forgot Password" button on the password login screen, you can receive a verification code via SMS to your phone, enter the verification code and set your new password.

What are the differences between an unverified and verified accounts?

Verified accounts are only provided to North Cyprus Turkcell individual line customers who are currently postpaid or prepaid. Users with verified accounts can perform all transactions that unverified accounts cannot perform, such as money transfers

How can I verify my Paycell account?

You can also benefit from Paycell verified account benefits by moving your number from different operators to Turkcell North Cyprus or by becoming a Turkcell North Cyprus customer with a new number.

How do I update my user information?

You can update your user information by contacting us via our customer services.

How do I make a support request through Paycell?

You can request support via the "Contact Us" tab under the profile menu.

Where can I view my Paycell wallet and investment transaction details?

You can view the details of your past transactions from the "Transaction History" or "View Transactions" fields under the Profile menu or on the main screen.

What can I view in my Paycell Wallet account?

In your Paycell Wallet account, you can see all your financial flows including Cash and transaction history.

Which cards can I save/add to my Paycell Wallet?

You can add credit, debit and prepaid cards from all banks and payment institutions with Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Troy schemes to your wallet.

How do I add my cards to my Paycell Wallet?

You can add your card to Paycell Wallet by entering the Cardholder's Name and Surname, Card Number, CVV, Expiration Date and Card Name

Are there any fees for using Paycell Wallet?

You do not pay any fee for using Paycell Wallet. In your payments and transactions, a transaction fee may be charged depending on the payment method you use and the type of transaction you make.

Where can I edit my payment methods listed in my Paycell Wallet?

From the My Wallet tab in the app, you can edit your payment instruments, delete your saved cards or add new cards.

How do I top up my Paycell wallet?

You can top up your balance with a credit/debit card through the Paycell application or by sending money to the UBAN defined in your Paycell account from the bank application you use.

Can I top up my Paycell account with a card that is not registered/saved in my Paycell wallet?

After entering your credit/debit card information through the Paycell application, you can load money from the card you have entered, and then you can register your card if you wish.

How do I add a card to my Paycell account?

You can add your domestic credit cards by clicking My Cards on the My Paycell Account page. Your credit cards will be registered by 3D verification.

How can I withdraw my balance from my Paycell account?

You need to type the total balance you want to withdraw by selecting withdrawal from the My Account menu. After entering the amount you want to withdraw, your money will be transferred to your bank account or credit card that you previously used for the deposit.


Which banks can I withdraw the balance from in my Paycell account?

You can only withdraw money from your account to your Koopbank Bank account.

Can I withdraw the balance in my Paycell account to a different person's bank accounts or cards that are not in my name?

No, you can only withdraw your balance from your Paycell account to your own bank accounts and cards.

How can I transfer money between my Paycell account and my investment account?

It is not possible to transfer money between Paycell TL account and investment accounts.

How can I invest with my Paycell balance?

Since it is not possible to transfer money between your Paycell TL account and investment accounts, you cannot make investment transactions with your Paycell balance.

Where can I view the transactions I have made with Paycell?

You can review the transactions you have made by clicking "View All" from the transaction history tab at the bottom of the main page.

Who can transfer money with Paycell?

All Paycell users with verified accounts can transfer money. To have a verified account, you must be a Turkcell North Cyprus postpaid or prepaid individual line customer.

What information do I need from the recipient to send money with Paycell?

To send money, you just need to have the recipient's phone number registered with Paycell.

What are my limits for sending money with Paycell?

The recipient's top-up limits also apply to the limits for sending money to that person.

Can I send money to a bank account or card with Paycell?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send to bank accounts or cards with Paycell at the moment.

Can I send money abroad with Paycell, can I receive money transfer from abroad with Paycell?

Currently, it is not possible to make international money transfers with Paycell.

I enter my billing information in Paycell but my bill does not appear, why?

If there is no invoice after your invoice inquiry, you do not have an unpaid invoice. If you are sure that you have an unpaid invoice, you can get support by contacting customer service.

I paid the wrong invoice while paying my bill from Paycell, what should I do?

Bill payments made from Paycell can be canceled on the same day via the customer service line 0533 878 10 18.

Do I pay a fee when I pay a bill with Paycell?

You can pay the bills you will pay from Paycell without any additional fees.

Is it an obstacle for me to pay my bills from Paycell or Turkcell points if my bills are on automatic payment in another bank?

Even if your bills are on automatic payment at a bank, you can pay your bill from Paycell before the due date.

How can I pay my bills with Paycell?

You can make invoice payments by clicking on the relevant invoice payment button in the quick transactions menu on the home page.

Can I top up from Paycell?

You can top up all prepaid Turkcell lines via Paycell.

Do I pay an additional fee when I top up from Paycell?

There is no additional charge for top-ups from Paycell.

I made a withdrawal to my bank account. When will it be processed?

Withdrawals are processed within a few minutes.

What do the percentage changes in market data represent?

You can follow the details in the "Transaction History" section on the settings page.

How do your children spend with Paycell QR?

Whether at school or outside at contracted points, your children can make their expenses contactless and safely with the Paycell QR feature of Paycell Wallet. Call 0533 878 10 18 now to make your registration and catch the rhythm of life with Paycell QR, exclusive to Turkcell North Cyprus users.

Is it mandatory for children to have a Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell line to use Paycell QR?

Yes, in order to create a wallet for your children to make payments with Paycell QR, both you and your child must have Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell lines.

What can children do with Paycell Wallet?

Paycell accounts used by the line you defined as a child by calling 0533 878 10 18 can only make QR payments for now. Parents must send the balance to that wallet. Paycell accounts defined as children cannot perform transactions such as top-up/top-up/send money in the Normal Paycell wallet.

How can a Paycell account opened for children be closed?

You can close the Paycell account you defined as a child by calling 0533 878 10 18.

What should people defined as children who use Paycell and are over 18 years old anymore do?

By calling 0533 878 10 18, you can make your line to be defined as normal Paycell user.