Pay your bills easily with Paycell!

You can easily pay your Northern Cyprus Turkcell and Turkcell Home Internet bills! In addition to that, Paycell is now available for your electricity⚡, water💧and all municipality🏢 payments! Login the Paycell Cyprus application, press "Pay Bill", choose an institution and pay your bills in seconds!


You can top up your loved ones and complete your transactions in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my bills via Paycell?

You can make bill payments by clicking the relevant bill payment button in the quick transactions menu on the home page.

Does having my bills in automatic payment at another bank prevent me from paying my bills through Paycell or Turkcell points?

No. Even if your bills are in automatic payment at a bank, you can pay your bill through Paycell before the due date.

Do I pay a fee when I pay a bill with Paycell?

You can pay your Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell and Turkcell Home Internet bills via Paycell without any additional fee. For all other bills, you only pay an additional 3 TL.

I paid the wrong invoice while paying my bill via Paycell, what should I do?

Invoice payments made via Paycell can be canceled on the same day via the customer service line at 0533 878 10 18.

I enter my billing information in Paycell, but my invoice does not appear, why?

If no invoice appears after your invoice inquiry, you do not have any unpaid invoices. If you are sure that you have an unpaid invoice, you can get support by contacting customer service.