Easiest Way to Transfer Money

Money transfer is now very easy!


With Paycell, you can instantly send money and receive money transfers to your loved ones, regardless of the day or time, as if you were sending a message to their mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can transfer money with Paycell?

Everyone can transfer money to all Paycell users with a verified account. To have a verified account, you must be a Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell postpaid or prepaid individual line customer.

To which countries can I send money abroad with Paycell? Can I receive money transfers from abroad with Paycell?

It is currently not possible to make international money transfers with Paycell.

What are my money transfer limits with Paycell?

The recipient's money upload limits also apply to the money transfer limits that can be made to that person.

Can I send money to a bank account or card with Paycell?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send money to bank accounts or cards via Paycell at the moment.