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Our mission is to match the most appropriate candidates to the right position and create a hard working team that fits our company culture. According to the job criteria of open positions "Evaluation Center" type works or simulation applications are applied for the job selection process.

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Young Skills

Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell “Young Talents”

With Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Young Talents Brand, we aim to help qualified young individuals to have a head start in their careers in a professional environment combining right talents and guidance, and help them have a better professional future. The “Young Talents” Program starts with a 2-month internship program, and continues with an opportunity of working part-time for successful 3rd-year students. As long as there are open and suitable spots within the company, the successful 4th-year students are offered a full-time position under “New Graduate” program.


 Support for Equal Opportunity

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell supports giving equal opportunities to our employees. The wealth of Turkcell’s Culture comes from combination of its differences in its workforce. Integration of different work styles and employees makes Turkcell’s work environment a unique ecosystem.

All the decisions about the employees are made regardless of the employees’ gender, age, ethnicity, race, marital status, health condition, physical disabilities, and sexual preferences. All Turkcell employees are treated equally and any discrimination or harassment within the company is not tolerated.

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell human resources functions under these principles and visions.

work environment


Technology in our Work

● Accessing network remotely through secure connection
● Internet Usage
● Smartphones with 4.5G Capabilities
● Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell VINN
● Laptops
● Wireless working conditions for free usage of the workplace.

Salary and Additional Benefits

Salary and benefits are based on our employees’ skills, duty and responsibilities, education and work experience. Our policy supports fair evaluation of employee performance and promotes high performing employees. On basic level our employees enjoy the following benefits:

● Gross salary x 16
● Yearly performance bonus
● Health Insurance
● Life Insurance
● Birthday Bonus
● New Year Bonus
● Lunch Card
● Birthday Time Off
● Flexible hours for newly mothers.

Tenure Gift

Your time with Kuzey Kibris Turkcell is valuable for us, so we celebrate your tenure with a gift of gold every 5 years.

Innovation Program For Better

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell promotes innovative, creative, and customer oriented projects. Employees of all departments are supported for being involved in these projects outside of their daily routines, work together as a team, and present ideas for higher management. After the project is accomplished, the team receives appreciation from management.


Education and Development

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell collaborates with Turkcell Academy for better training and development of its employees. Apart from in-class training sessions, we also provide education sessions through various channels similar to mobile, e-learning, and virtual class. These educative sessions do not only provide technical training necessary for their jobs, but also leadership programs and life improving trainings for 360-degree personal development.

For details please visit Turkcell Academy.


Performance and Talents Management

Turkcell Performance and Talent Management is a program designed for our employees to achieve successful work results, to help teach behaviors in accordance with the company culture and values, and to show high performance levels.

This program consists of 5 main sections:

· Setting Goals

· Mid Evaluation

· Behavioral Evaluation

· Performance Evaluation

· Talent Management

Setting Goals section aims to direct employees toward targets in accordance with the company’s goals..

During the Mid Evaluation Period, we evaluate the goals that has been set in the beginning of the year

In the Behavioral Evaluation period the employees are evaluated 360-Degrees by their manager, team, work customers and same level piers in accordance with Turkcell Values.

In the Performance Evaluation period the first set goals are evaluated objectively.

With Talent Management process, the performance and behavioral evaluation results are analyzed and the potentials for future career plans of the employees are determined.


Internal Communication


Internal Communication is widely used in Kuzey Kibris Turkcell to communicate Turkcell’s culture & values, strategic priorities, and company goals to be understood and owned by all employees within the company. Employee Loyalty is an important part of Turkcell’s culture, and through Internal Communication, employee motivation and loyalty actions are communicated to all employees.

Ic Ietisim

Information Sharing Platforms

Quarterly Overview Meetings

Every quarter, all the employees are gathered in one place for quarterly overview of our company’s performance, talk about changes within the company, and listen about the strategy of the company from the General Manager.


This is the video portal for our employees. This is where Turkcell group’s quarterly overview meetings could be watched live, and access records of these meetings easily.


This is the application through which Turkcell Group Employees reach in network applications through their smartphones. Mobilim contains applications that enable employees have easy actions when out of the company.


This is the blogging portal specific for Turkcell employees for sharing information. This portal is used for sharing documents and information throughout the company while also helping employees socially interact with each other.


Turkcell Volunteers

This mini organization was established in 2003, and has been operating by Turkcell Group employee funding independent of company functions. For the last 2 years, this organization has funded projects for Child Development to help children improve communication, technological skills and to encourage them to be environment friendly and to be individuals eager to learn new things.

Turkcell Volunteers has received following awards:

1. “Perfection in Public Relations” Golden World Award from International Public Relations Association (IPRA), 2007.

2. Honor Award from PR News Nonprofit PR Awards from USA in 2009

3. “The Best Social Responsibility Project Made By Employees” award from E2E in USA in 2010


Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Employees receive discounts, advantages and perks in 70 businesses.


Turkcell Sosyal Activity Group (TSAG) is the internal volunteer team that organizes different activities and events throughout the year for motivating employees and making Tukcell workplace a “FUN” place to work at. These activities range from but not limited to local and abroad excursions, parties, sports, and concert and show entertainment activities.


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