Kuzey Kıbrıs TURKCELL

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell was established on 3rd August, 1999 in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as 4th of the Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. international group of companies.
As part of the Turkcell family, Kuzey Kibris Turkcell has been providing high quality communication solutions to customers through mobile, voice, and data products, and expanding its customer base throughout years.

Always for better...

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell aims for nonstop improvements for its infrastructure for providing the latest technology to its customers at the same time as the rest of the world. Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Customers have been enjoying latest communication products and making their lives easier, more efficient, and more valuable since the day it was established.

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell not only provide special communication plans to fit every Consumer’s communication needs, but also provides products and services for its Business customers to make their businesses more efficient, innovative, and competitive. As of October 2008, Kuzey Kibris Turkcell customers have been enjoying 3G technology in TRNC.

Caring About the Community...

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell believes that being part of the community does not only mean adding value to the economy, but also, more importantly, caring about the community it’s part of. Since the day it was founded, Turkcell has been adding value to North Cyprus through many different social responsibility projects. These projects range from educational activities to nature activities, from art and culture activities to sports activities. With the community sponsorships, donations, and supports Kuzey Kibris Turkcell invested over 6 million TL to this community for providing higher quality human resources and making a difference in socio-cultural life in TRNC.

As the Leader Technology Company, Kuzey Kibris Turkcell has set “providing solutions to educational, health, security, economic and social needs of all individuals by making use of Turkcell Group’s resources” as its mission, and continues to operate nonstop under the vision of “Being the Leader Technology Company that adds value to Cypriot Life”.

Our Vision

Being the Leader Technology Company that adds value to Cypriot Life in terms of economic, socio-cultural, and technological activity.

Our Mission

Providing solutions to educational, health, security, economic and social needs of all individuals by making use of Turkcell Group’s resources.

Our Values

  • We value human life.
  • We integrate Communal and Cultural values to our culture.
  • Our Differences are our wealth.
  • Our first priority is our customers.
  • We are a strong team.
  • We believe in open communication.
  • We differentiate.

Approach to Customer Satisfaction…

Kuzey Kibris Turkcell guarantees to find customer solutions in an open, transparent, fast, trustable, and customer centered manner. The company always tries to resolve customer needs through a high quality service understanding. In case of customer complaints, the problems are analyzed in an objective, careful, and sensitive way and solutions are provided to these problems. Based on the customer recommendations and complaints, permanent solutions are integrated to the company’s system and operations for better future customer experience. Kuzey Kibris Turkcell provides projects and opportunities for its employees to continuously improve their involvement, sharing, innovative, and expressive characteristics. The company continuously analyzes problem solving and meeting customer demands processes, identifies areas of improvements, and continuously improves handling these processes.

Harun Maden

Harun Maden - General Manager

Harun Maden - General Director
Harun Maden has completed his undergraduate studies in Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Electrics, Department of Electronic Communication in 1982.

In 1986-1989, Mr. Maden started working as an Industrial Control and Automation Engineer at Kerimoğlu Makinacılık ve Ticaret Inc. He has worked for Datateknik between the years 1989-2002, as a Technical Director (1989-1991), Product Development Director (1991-1993), Sales and Marketing Coordinator (1993-1996) and Deputy Director General (1996-2002) respectively. Between the years 2002 - 2006, he has served as a Member of the Board of Directors and as a General Director at Hızlı Sistem Bilişim Inc. and also as a Member of the Board of Directors at Hızlı Sistem Mağazacılık Inc. In addition, Mr. Maden has also served as a Management Consultant at Türk Telekom Inc. in 2003-2004 period. He has worked as the General Director of Teletek Telekomünikasyon Inc. and Global İletişim Inc. between the years 2007-2009. Between the years 2010-2015, he was one of the executives of several affiliated companies of IBB. Mr. Maden also worked as the Deputy Director General of IBB Kültür Inc. in 2011, Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of IBB İstelkom Inc between the years 2012-2015 and as a Member of the Board of Directors and General Director of İBB Belbim Inc.

Finally, Mr. Maden has worked as the General Director, as the Chairman of the Executive Board and as an Advisor at PTT Inc. between the years 2015-2017. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of Turing and Automobile Association of Turkey since 2012. Mr. Maden has been working as the General Director of Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell since 17 April 2017.

Ali Gurler

Ali Gurler - Director of Technic Operations

Ali Gurler achieved his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University in 2000.

Ali joined the Turkcell family in 2000 and worked as a System Support Engineer in Network Operations between 2000 and 2005 and a Team Manager in the Billing and Remuneration Department between 2005 and 2007 and transferred to Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell family in 2007. He worked as a Network Manager in Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell between 2007 and 2010 and as the Head of Central Operations between 2010 and 2011. Since November 2011, he has been working as Director of Information and Communication Technologies.

As of 1st November, 2017 Ali Gurler has been continuing his career as Director of Technological Operations in Kuzey Kibris Turkcell.

Murat Küçüközdemir

Murat Küçüközdemir - Sales & Marketing & Customer Experience Director

Murat Küçüközdemir started his professional life as a Pre-Sales Engineer at Intelnet A.Ş. Between 2009 and 2012, he served as the General Manager of the same company. Murat Küçüközdemir joined the Turkcell family in 2012 as a Datacenter / Cloud Computing / IT Consultant.

Effective from 01.04.2019, he was appointed as Sales & Marketing & Customer Experience Director.


Burcu Topal

Burcu Topal - Director of Human Resources

Burcu Topal obtained her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Lefke European University, and completed her graduate degree in Management from the same university.

During 2002-2005, she worked in Sontex Ltd. Sti. as Production Planning Specialist, and continued her career as Human Resources Specialist in Middle East Technological University North Cyprus during 2005-2008.

Burcu Topal joined Turkcell family in 2008 in Human Resources department as a Specialist, and became Manager of Employee Relations Management until 2015.

As of 1st July,2015 she has been serving Turkcell Family as Director of Human Resources.

Emre Lacinler

Emre Lacinler - Director of Finance and Regulations

Emre Laçinler, achieved his undergraduate degree from Istanbul University in Department of Economics in 1997 and Started his career in Toshiba TMST Medical Systems as a Financial Anlyst.

He joined Turkcell family in 1999 in Collection and Fraud Management Department as Revenue Analysis Specialist. He continued his career in the same department as Department Manager during 2005-2011. In 2011 became Manager in the Budget Planning & Controlling. Through 2012-2015 he worked as Global Tower Controlling Manager in Turkcell Group Finance department.

Emre Laçinler joined Kuzey Kibris Turkcell family as Director of Finance and Regulations on 1st January 2015 and has been continuing his career in the same position since then.

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