4.5G speed mobile internet service with wide coverage area all over Northern Cyprus!

  • All Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell customers can use the 4.5G service without any additional operations on their lines.
  • You can turn the 4.5G Service off and on whenever you want. If you turn off the service, your mobile internet continues with 3G service.

To turn on or off 4.5G Service you can follow the steps as below:

  • You can control and activate/deactive the service easly from the 4.5G Connection Settings menu in the Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell application,
  • Or To turn on: 4.5G AC, To turn off: write 4.5G OFF and send SMS to 4545,
  • Or you can call 533 Call Center.

If your 4.5G service is active, you can benefit from 4.5G services in TRNC and abroad.

In addition to your service being active, your SIM card and device must be compatible for 4.5G. You can get your 4.5G compatible SIM card from Turkcell Communication Centers or (for our corporate customers) through corporate sales representatives. To check whether your SIM card and device are compatible, you can check free of charge by clicking on My 4.5G Connection Settings from the Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell application or by texting 4.5G and sending SMS to 4545. Additionally, network mode LTE/4G must be selected from the mobile data/mobile networks options in your device settings.

Click for detailed information about 4.5G.

It is free to benefit from 4.5G Service. Your usage is charged from your Mobile Internet package valid in your current tariff.

Sending an SMS to 4545 is free.

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