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Credit Transfer Credit Transfer

  • How can I transfer credits to my prepaid account?

    Log into your account from the main menu at

    Go to "My Account" section on the main menu. On the page that will load, click on "UNIT TRANSFER" option, enter the GSM number you would like to transfer credits to and the amount you would like to transfer and click on the Transfer Units button.

    Even if you do not have an internet connection, you can enter the number you would like to transfer credits to followed by a space and the amount of credits you would like to transfer and send a text message to 4242 in exchange for 6 SMS (1,42TL).
    Example: 8XXXXXX 20
    When you will receive a confirmation text message from 4123, reply to this message texting YES and if you have sufficient limit, your credit transfer will be completed.
    Faulty requests to transfer credits are not charged.

    You can also transfer credits to your prepaid account by accessing the "TOP UP" area located on the right top corner of the same page and by entering your credit card details.

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