Smart Rollover Package

Rollover all your remaining packages to the following months, and enjoy your benefits even more!

9 TL
Smart Rollover Package

This package is designed to roll-over all your remaining benefits to the following month. This package is smart. It only transfers your remaining benefits to the next month unless you use your package quota and that is when the service fee is charged to our account. If you do not have any benefits to roll over to the next month, nothing gets charged to your bill.

Postpaid Consumer All Directions and Flexi customers, and All Consumer and Business Midi, Maxi, Mega, Gold Mini, Gold, Platinum, Gold Small, Gold Large and Gold Xlarge customers can benefit from this package.

1. You can text DEVIR to 6767

2. You can login to your account on and hit purchase button on this service.

Within the borders of TRNC, your inquiry SMSes are free of charge, however, the inquiry SMSes are charged as 1 SMS on your abroad tariff.

Your transferred benefits are valid only the following month. In the following month, once you finish up your package benefits, your rolled-over benefits will be available for use till the end of that month.

In this case, your remaining SMS benefits will transfer for FREE.

In this package, the in-group minutes offered with your bundle package are not included with your roll-over service.

You will be informed through SMS both when your package benefit reaches 80% and when you use up all your package benefits.

1. Text the name of your active package space KALAN to 8780 to inquire about all your remaining benefits including your rolled over benefits.

2. you can also login to your account on and find out your remaining balance from your package.

Your rolled over benefits are valid only one month. They do not transfer to next month.

There is no limit on the number of people who can purchase this package.

You can text DEVIR IPTAL to 6767. You can still keep using your package benefits till the end of the package end date.

Package charging period is 60 seconds for package minutes.

Start Date: 01.03.2015
End Date: -

The Package End Date will be announced to all customers through their GSM service and through web site at least 15 days prior to the end date.