GNC Dijital Package

Load GNC Packages from Cep Hesabim and earn data up to 4 GB!

Duration of Promotion
31.12.2019 expiration date

GNC Dijital Package

Promotion Details

Buy your package via Cep Hesabım application or and get free data up to 4 GB

Prepaid GNC Super Dakikacı -> Digital 1GB
Prepaid GNC Super İnternetçi -> Digital 1GB
Prepaid GNC Mega Minutes -> Digital 1GB
Prepaid GNC Mega Data -> Digital 1GB
Prepaid GNC Super Bitmeyen -> Digital 4GB
Prepaid GNC Mega Bitmeyen -> Digital 4GB

-Click here to get detailed information about Cep Hesabım application and get App Store / Google Play links.



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