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Turtles under our protection

Turkcell supports the conservation of sea turtles, two of whose seven species are visitors to our island, and shows great care for this valuable asset of our country. In an effort to preserve turtles that are at risk due to increased light pollution and increased human settlement, informative training has been provided in collaboration with the Turtle Conservation Society and the Environmental Department since 2000 at Alagadi beach, one of the critical nesting areas in the Mediterranean. After beach cleanups, turtles visiting our island are sent off on their new journey through annual events called "Little Steps."

North Cyprus Turkcell Solar Energy Plant

On April 29, 2019, North Cyprus Turkcell inaugurated a Solar Energy Plant on a 10-acre area in Vadili village. By establishing the first Solar Energy Plant in Northern Cyprus, North Cyprus Turkcell became the pioneer in this field not only in Northern Cyprus but also within the Turkcell Group of companies. This investment, as 8th largest solar energy plant in operation in Northern Cyprus, consists of 2,500 high-efficiency panels and 9 central inverters. With an approximate total cost of 6 million Turkish Liras, the North Cyprus Turkcell Solar Energy Plant has a capacity of 900 kWp and is expected to produce an estimated annual energy of 1,510,918 kWh. It is also anticipated to prevent the emission of 906,481 kg of carbon into the environment. The facility has the capacity to meet the energy needs of approximately 200 households, contributing to the reduction of demand on KIB-TEK grid and the enhancement of energy quality in the region.

North Cyprus Turkcell Promotes Green Energy with I-REC Certificate

North Cyprus Turkcell became the sole operator in its field by obtaining the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC), an international certificate. With the I-REC, it is verified that electricity is generated from renewable energy sources.For years, North Cyprus Turkcell has carried out numerous projects with the mission of promoting a sustainable environment, proving that it produces energy without carbon emissions. With the acquisition of the Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC), North Cyprus Turkcell has documented its commitment to producing energy from renewable sources.

Awareness Campaign: Public Service Announcement on the Environmental Harm of Microplastics

Every year, North Cyprus Turkcell conveys important messages on World Environment Day. This year, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment's Environmental Protection Department prepared a public service announcement for World Environment Day on June 5th. The public service announcement, themed around "plastic," highlights the increasing importance of raising social awareness about environmental concerns. It emphasizes the message of preserving a livable, healthy, green, and clean world for future generations. The announcement conveys the idea that waste in the seas, taken as food by marine creatures, can make its way into human consumption via the food chain. It also mentions the transformation of microplastics in the soil into toxic chemicals, which can spread from vegetation to water sources, posing a threat to natural life and human health. The announcement underlines that all of these factors are threats to human life. It suggests reducing plastic and bag usage and replacing them with recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.

You can access the public service announcement via the following link: 

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