Other Social Responsibility

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Other Social Responsibility

Covid-19 Visitor Registration System

The "Covid-19 Visitor Registration System," developed in collaboration between the Ministry of Health and North Cyprus Turkcell, was implemented during the pandemic. According to this system, visitor records can be maintained without the need for a paper and a pen, in a contactless and convenient digital format. Measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have been taken across the country, alongside individual and business measures. Additionally there are mandatory measures imposed by the Council of Ministers. Alongside basic hygiene practices, it is also mandatory, per the Council of Ministers' decision, to keep records of visitors and customers and report them to the Ministry of Health in case of any issues. In this context, the Ministry of Health and North Cyprus Turkcell collaborated to create a special and innovative application for maintaining visitor records in a more hygienic and convenient manner. This application, known as the Covid-19 Visitor Registration System, allows businesses and offices to easily and digitally fulfill the mandatory visitor registration process required by the Council of Ministers without the need for a paper and pen. Additionally, this digital record-keeping of visitor information provides a significant advantage for contact tracing needed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay Safe App

Through the digital solution provided by North Cyprus Turkcell, we have facilitated travel during the Covid-19 pandemic for those entering our island. Travelers can register all the necessary documents in the system before arriving to Cyprus, thanks to the QR code issued by the Stay Safe App. The system has simplified travel processes during the pandemic. Furthermore, it ensures that users who are under quarantine can go through the quarantine period safely and comfortably, thanks to the tracking system provided by the Stay Safe app.

Protection of Olive Trees

As part of the preservation efforts for the ancient olive trees, symbolic to Cyprus and our natural heritage, North Cyprus Turkcell contributed to the financing of the SAVE (Supporting Activities that Support Nature) Project, supported by USAID. In collaboration with ZAKAD (Olive Trees Protection Association) and the Olive Tree Project, 11 trees, aged between 150 and 250 years, were relocated from the Catalkoy region to the area owned by Gönyeli Municipality. The project, which aims to preserve these trees, included the initial care of the trees, and Gönyeli Municipality also provided support to this initiative.


Traffic Education Park

North Cyprus Turkcell has been taking active measures to raise awareness about traffic-related issues, considering the importance of educating the public. Throughout the year, especially during Traffic Week, various communication activities with themes focused on driving safely and awareness have been carried out. Our communication promotes the avoidance of using mobile phones while driving and emphasizing the importance of not using mobile phones while operating a vehicle for the safety of everyone on the road. Furthermore, the Turkcell Traffic Education Park, initiated in collaboration with the Traffic Accidents Prevention Association (TKÖD) in October 2010, continues to educate responsible drivers for the future. Thousands of children and adults have received education about road safety at the Traffic Education Park.


Engelsiz Mağazalar (Accessible Stores) and Services

To ensure that people with disabilities can easily access all our stores and services, North Cyprus Turkcell organized the infrastructure in our Communication Centers accordingly. We are committed to provide service to hearing-impaired customers, promoting communication using sign language. In our Communication Centers, our Customer Experience Specialists, security personnel, and administrative staff have received "sign language" training to serve hearing-impaired customers.

Hayal Ortağım (My Dream Partner)

The Turkcell Hayal Ortağım (My Dream Partner) mobile application operates under the "Accessible Life" framework created by North Cyprus Turkcell to make the lives of people with disabilities more comfortable, integrating various aspects, such as social responsibility, products, and solutions. With the Turkcell Hayal Ortağım application, visually impaired individuals can watch movies with audio descriptions in cinemas, read books, and follow daily newspapers and magazines within the application. This initiative was implemented in partnership with YGA & Turkcell in 2012 to facilitate access to up-to-date information for visually impaired individuals.


Accessible Life Seminars

North Cyprus Turkcell has organized "Accessible Life Seminars" in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, the Orthopedic Disabled Association, and the Disabled Sports Federation since February 2013. These seminars aim to increase social awareness of people with disabilities, educate young people, and foster empathy among students. These seminars emphasize themes like "Disabilities do not prevent success" and "Love conquers all obstacles." The seminars provide information about disabled life and feature the life stories of disabled individuals who have achieved significant success. These stories are supported by film screenings and empathy games.


Engelsiz Çiçekler Serası (Accessible Flower Greenhouse) 

North Cyprus Turkcell opened the "Engelsiz Çiçekler Serası," an accessible flower greenhouse, to help adapt disabled individuals to social life, improve their handcraft skills, and introduce them to gardening and flowers. This initiative was realized at the Güneşköy 18+ Rehabilitation Center with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and North Cyprus Turkcell.


Beach Cleaning for a Cleaner Environment

Chelonia Mydas and Caretta Caretta sea turtles are given the chance to have a new life on our island's beaches. North Cyprus Turkcell, alongside our friends who have chosen our island, works together to maintain clean shores so these sea turtles can continue to thrive


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