“We protect our cultural values’’



With the belief that barriers can be lifted with awareness-raising, we have been organizing ‘‘Art has no Borders’’ photograph and short film competition for the last 3 years, in order to raise awareness on disabilities through art. We exhibit the winning artwork in diffeerent platforms throughout the country and present them to our people.

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We have pieced together never-penned musical pieces of Kamran Aziz, one of the most significant values of the Turkish Cypriot Culture and compiled a music book in order to bridge the time of Kamran Aziz and today’s youth and present-ed a cd to our people consisting of her music interpreted by the youth and biog-raphy of Kamran Aziz. This was followed by the publication of Kamran Aziz Com-positions Book. In addition to Kamran Aziz’s music CD, a DVD consisting of inter-views and documentary about her musical life was also prepared. Blazing a trail, Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell made eternal the musical pieces of Kamran Aziz and proved that it is a protector of our culture and not an inheritor. 


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