“We are Training Smart Drivers of the Future’’



With the belief that a society develops with modern and educated youth, we focused on traffic which is one of the major issues faced in Northern Cyprus, in order to raise the awareness of the public. In this regard, we are organizing communicative events to raise awareness throughout the year and specially during the traffic week. We are encouraging our people not to use their mobile phones in traffic for their own safety with our message «Do not use your mobile phone while driving».

What are our events?

  • We organized Traffic Training Events: During the Traffic Week, we organized traffic training events with safe driving and awareness-raising themes for Kuzey Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell personnel and Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell Wheelchair Basketball Team.
  • Traffic Education Park: At the Kuzey Kıbrıs Turcell Traffic Education Park which was established in October 2010, we continue to train responsible drivers of the future. Thousands of children and adults are trained about safety in traffic.
  • Since the establishment of our Traffic Education Park, over 30 thousand students were trained about safety in traffic. Primary school students as well as institutions and organization that request for training, over 650 adults received training at the Traffic Education Park. In addition to the trainings, traffic festivals for students are organised at the Traffic Education Park since its establishment every year as part of the events that take place during the traffic week.
  • Every year at the beginning of the school semester, an annual program is being prepared by the Accidents Prevention Association and Traffic Educators, and once approved by the Ministry of Education, safety in traffic education is offered to children aged 4 and above, until the final year of primary school.
  • In addition, military officers and sergeants who come to TRNC from Turkey to serve in the army as well as their spouses and children receive ‘Traffic Orientation Education’ (Left-hand Traffic), with the cooperation of Cyprus Turkish Peace Force Command and Traffic Accidents Prevention Association.
  • Professional drivers who are directed by the Internal Ministry are also provided with the ‘Traffic Orientation and Safe Driving Education’. Also, prisoners and arrestees at the Central Prison are provided with ‘Traffic Orientation and Safe Driving Education’ with the cooperation of Local Administrations and Internal Ministry and Traffic Accidents Prevention Association.

How to contact Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell Traffic Education Park?

Adress: Kazım Salih Street Küçük Kaymaklı Nicosia TRNC
Telephone: 0392 227 7120 and 0533 820 2030

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