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  • BiP Overtime Package: Even if your package minutes are over, you get 100 minutes for only 5 TL with BiP Overtime package. 
  • Smart Rollover Package: You can transfer your unused package benefits to the next month.
  • Smart Abroad Package : With Smart Abroad Package, no more worries about roaming!
  • Transit Service: With the Transit service you can now use your package benefits abroad, in 69 different countries. 
  • Smart Overtime Minutes: Even if you exceed your package allowance, you still continue to talk with advantageous prices.
  • Free internet for your BiP Calls Campaign: Call mobile numbers and land lines from BiP and get free internet.
  • 2GB internet special for facebook and 5GB for fizy are loaded to your account with your package.
  • Lifecell packages have a fixed price guarantee with 12 months contract and you pay the same package price throughout your contract period, your package price does not change during your contract period.
  • The rights of the subscribers that are offered with the package/tariff may not be sold to 3rd parties through traffic sales. They may not be used in FCT (fixed station) and company stations for collective use. Otherwise, if such an activity is detected by Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell (Kıbrıs Mobile Telekomünikasyon Ltd.) it will have the right to immediately terminate the subscriber's line and seek compensation for all damages from the customer.
  • If Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell (Kıbrıs Mobile Telekomünikasyon Ltd.) evaluates the usage of the customer and suspects bad intention or usage for purposes other than communication, it reserves the right to warn the customer and if necessary, can unilaterally terminate and cancel the customer's line.
  • Lifecell WiFi service is provided by Lifecell Digital Ltd. For more information about the Lifecell WiFi provided as part of the tariff, click here.

Our LIFECELL packages allow you to make the best out of the world of internet and consist of data, BiP minutes and LIFECELL services.

No price changes will be made to your package fees during your 12 months contract

A notification SMS is sent once your package is activated. A notification SMS is sent to you when your package activates for the first time and when it’s renewed every month.

The validity period of benefits offered with your package is 1 month. Benefits are not transferred to the next month.

Your package charging cap is 60 seconds.

To find out your remaining benefits, text LEFT to 3030.

(Ex: LIFE LEFT -> 3030).

You can also find out your remaining balance from the cep hesabım application.

You are notified with a text message when you use approximately 80% of the benefits offered and also when you completely run out of the benefits.

Your package minutes are valid for the calls you make with BiP application, for standard calls towards all local lines and towards Turkey. 

Moreover, you can make unlimited calls from BiP to BiP, without spending your package minutes.

You can make BiP calls in North Cyprus, Turkey and abroad using your package minutes.

Except for BiP application, if you want to make standard calls, the package minutes are only valid in TRNC.

The data benefits offered with the package are valid for use while in the TRNC and Turkey.


The data that is used to make calls with BiP while in the TRNC is not deducted from the data quota offered with your package.

The data that is used to make calls with BiP while in Turkey is deducted from your active internet benefits if you have an internet benefit that is valid in Turkey, if you do not have an internet benefits package, then you are charged according to the standard usage tariff in Turkey. 

Data that is used to make calls with BiP while abroad are charged according to the Roaming tariff.

Your usages that are not covered with the package or if you run out of your offered package benefits, you are charged according to the Standard Tariff fees.

If you run out of the minutes offered with your package, you can benefit from the BiP Overtime Package.

BiP Overtime Package offers 100 minutes towards all local lines and towards Turkey for 5 TL. When the minutes offered with your package are over, your BiP Overtime Package will be automatically activated when you make calls with BiP application! As your package is smart, when your BiP Overtime Package minutes are over, the package renews itself and your benefits continue. In order to benefit from this package, all you need to do is to request it once. If you do not use it, then 5 TL package fee will not be reflected on your bill.

For BiP Overtime Package, OVERTIME -> 3030.

Customers who are subscribed to LIFECELL do not pay an additional fixed fee.

You may transfer to any of the packages with contract during your 12 months contract period.

You can benefit from facebook and fizy with LIFE LITE package.

An additional 2GB data is offered for Facebook. 2GB offered with Facebook is automatically activated once your package starts.

To activate fizy, you can text LIFE to 3030.

Activate your WIFI connection and choose LIFECELL Wi-Fi network from your smart phone. On the interface that will come up on your screen, type in your name and surname, 10 digit telephone number, agree with the last user contract and click send. In order to use the Wi-Fi service, you need to type in to the interface the 4 digit password sent to you as SMS within 5 minutes.

For a list of the locations where LIFECELL Wi-Fi service is valid, please visit

In the case of number change your benefits and packages would continue. You may not transfer your account to another person before your contract ends. In case of account inactivation, your package will change to Entry Package, your benefits would not continue and early contract end fee gets charged to your account.

If you cancel your package, you may use your benefits until the next billing period. At the beginning of the next billing period your package changes to Entry Package and your benefits would not continue.

Unless you choose to switch to another package at the last month of your contract, your package continues with the current package.

Before the end of the term of your contract, you may not cancel with SMS. If you like to cancel, you may visit one of Kuzey Kibris Turkcell offices. When you cancel your package before the end date of your contract, an early cancellation fee wil be charged to your account.

Start Date: 24.05.2018
End Date: -

All customers who benefit from the tariff are informed about the tariff end date at least 15 days before their tariff expires through the electronic communication service they have received and also through the web address.

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