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Life Midi

Unlimited BIP TO BIP!

Yurt içi & Türkiye her yöne dakika faydası KKTC sınırları içerisinde Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell, diğer operatör, yurt içi sabit hatlar, Türkiye GSM ve sabit hatlar yönüne yapacağınız kullanımlarda geçerlidir.
 Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell yönüne dakika faydası Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell hatları yönüne yapılacak aramalarda geçerlidir.
İnternet faydası hem KKTC hem de Türkiye sınırları içerisinde yapılan kullanımlarda geçerlidir.
SMS faydaları KKTC sınırları içerisinde yurt içi ve yurt dışı her yöne gönderimlerde geçerlidir.
 Lifecell WiFi hizmeti Lifecell Digital Ltd. tarfaından verilmektedir. Tarife kapsamında sunulan Lifecell WiFi hizmeti ile ilgili detaylı bilgi için tıklayınız.

These packages are for people whose world revolves around their smartphones, who need fewer talk time, and more internet and who enjoy entertainments through internet.

All individual and business postpaid customers can benefit from this package.

For the duration of your 12-month contract, your monthly package fee is guaranteed to be fixed at the promised price..

  • You may click on purchase button on the package page after you sign in.
  • You may text MIDI to 3030.
  • You may dial 3030 and use lifecell automated voice response system for free.

You will be informed through SMS when your package starts. You will receive the information SMS the first and every month your package starts.

Your package benefits are valid for 1 month. They do not roll over to next month.

Your package charging cap is 60 seconds.

  • You may text LIFE REMAIN to 3030 to inquire about your package usage.
  • You may sign in to your account through

You will be informed through SMS both when your package benefit reaches 80% and when you use up all your package benefits.

Your package minutes are valid for calls towards lines in North Cyprus and Turkey when you call from your mobile phone or BiP. And you have unlimited minutes towards any BiP users in the world.

With your lifecell package minutes, you may call any line in North Cyprus and Turkey whereever interent exists all around the world by using BiP. In North Cyprus your minutes are valid with your mobile calls as well, you do not have to use BiP to use your minutes in TRNC.

You may use your internet benefits provided in your package freely in North Cyprus and Turkey at no extra cost.

Your internet usage for BiP within North Cyprus is unlimited at no extra charge and does not consume from your internet packages.

Internet usage for BiP in Turkey consumes from your internet benefits/packages valid in Turkey. If you do not have an internet package, your internet for BiP will be charged at Standart rates.

For internet usage for BiP in other countries, BiP will use up from your 3rd Country Roaming internet packages or Standard Roaming Rates otherwise.

In other countries, If you text BIPBASLA to 2477, you will receive 100MB for free for BiP in more than 65 countries. Your 100MB is valid for your BiP usage only, and with your 100MB internet, you can talk approximately 250 minutes through BiP. For Details: Bip Roaming Package

For more roaming packages you may visit

Unless an additional internet package is purchased, your excess internet usage will be charged with Smart Internet Overage Package.

lifecell is designed to provide you a world of advantages. When you finish-up your minutes, you may use the smart minutes package for lifecell. You may text ADD 60 to 3030 and sign up for this package.

Once you text one time, you do not need to text again. This is a smart package and it only loads to your account if you finish up your package minutes and it renews itself everytime you run out of minutes. You are only charged 9TL for each 60 minutes loaded to your account, and you are only charged if you run out of your package minutes, and you would not be charged otherwise.

lifecell customers do not pay an extra standard fee for their lines. Only pckage fee is charged to their accounts.

If you are under a contract, you may switch and subscribe between lifecell packages, flexi packages, Internet loaded Midi-Maxi-Mega Packages and Platinum packages at no extra cost.

Memerships to TV Plus, lifebox and fizy services are included with your package with 5GB internet for each application.

Once your lifecell package starts, please text LIFE to 3030 to activate your memberships to these services.

Once you activate, you will need Turkcell Super Password to access to TV and fizy accounts. To get this password please text SIFRE to 05327552222.

For more details about TV plus app, please visit TV PLUS

For more details about lifebox app, please visit lifebox

For more details about fizy app, please visit fizy


With your smartphone, tablet or laptop, turn on your Wi-Fi service and select LIFECELL Wi-Fi.

Once your connect to the Wi-Fi, enter your name-last name, 10 digit phone number and select the checkbox to accept terms and conditions on the login page.

Once you hit conect, enter the access code that will be sent to your smartphone as a text message.

You can find the list for the locations for lifecell Wi-Fi hotspots through this link.

In the case of number change your benefits and packages would continue. You may not transfer your account to another person before your contract ends. In case of account inactivation, your package will change to Entry Package, your benefits would not continue and early contract end fee gets charged to your account.

If you cancel your package, you may use your benefits until the next billing period. At the beginning of the next billing period your package changes to Entry Package and your benefits would not continue.

Unless you choose to switch to another package at the last month of your contract, your package continues with the Entry Package. At the end of the term of your contract you may extend your your contract through any channel.

Before the end of the term of your contract, you may not cancel with SMS. If you like to cancel, you may visit one of Kuzey Kibris Turkcell offices. When you cancel your package before the end date of your contract, an early cancellation fee wil be charged to your account.

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